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Manufacturer Ugbest
Powertrain Bosch
Continuous power 3 kW
Tires 120/70-12
Brakes 200 mm disc
Unladen weight 110 kg
Maximum load 150 kg
Length 1900 mm
Width (at the handlebar) 700 mm
Saddle height 800 mm

Swapping station

Battery slots 3⁠–15
Charging time 3.5 hours per battery
Energy metering per battery slot
Electrical supply AC 220 V, 10–30 A
Connectivity offline/Wi-Fi/LTE
Authentication none/RFID/QR Code/Mobile App
Water protection IP34 equivalent (resists heavy rain)
Add-ons Touch screen
Mobile app (iOS & Android)
Admin software


Cells LG Chem
Battery capacity 28⁠–56 Ah
Battery energy 1.7⁠–4.0 kWh
Charging temperature 0⁠⁠–⁠45 °C
Discharging temperature -20⁠–⁠60 °C
Dimensions 250 mm × 75 mm × 430 mm
Weight 14.5 kg
Protection Open circuit
Short circuit

Connectivity & Privacy

Our products are designed to offer privacy and data security. By default, the motorbikes and battery packs do not track or collect usage data, movement data, GPS, or any other location data.

Should you choose to connect the stations online, or use the ReitEV mobile app, your data security is of utmost importance to us. We only use established server providers, with clear data policies, in countries with strict data protection laws. We do not sell information to anyone.

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